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Our Leadership Team

Jon, who anchors our leadership team, has over two decades of Executive Leadership and Senior Management experience.  His roles have included Customer Satisfaction, Corporate Finance, Operations, Product Management, Project Management, Sales, and Technology development.  His tech-heavy focus was in the Predictive Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence, and Professional Services marketplaces.

As a result of selling, managing, and advising over 250 companies across nearly 500 engagements, Jon’s span of industry background includes Aerospace, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Technology, Telecom, among others.

He focused most of his executive training on numerous best practice oriented programs, such as Leadership & Management, Six Sigma, Process Re-Engineering, Sales methodologies, Total Quality Management, and various Technology training.

His education includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin in 1985, a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1989, and a nearly completed master’s of management information systems from the University of Texas at Dallas, when traveling sales and fatherhood intervened in 1994.

Jon married his college sweetheart in 1989, and they have two amazing daughters.  They live in the Texas Hill Country.

Jon Rambeau

Founder and CEO of ThyPower

Jon’s responsibilities include company vision and execution.

Chris is the ultimate warrior.  As a United States Air Force Special Operations Combat Controller (CCT), he was deployed 5 times to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq.  He dedicated 16 years of his two decade military career to the global fight against terrorism, conducting numerous missions with the United States Army Green Berets and Navy SEALS, in addition to missions with foreign nation special forces, including the Aussie SAS, Norwegian, Polish, and Canadian Special Forces.

Combat Controllers are highly trained special operators formed from the traditional Pathfinder role with the ability to provide simultaneous air traffic control, fire support, and command and control (C&C) in combat environments.

Chris’ experience is incredibly broad for his two decades of military experience, including:

  • United States Air Force (Retired)
  • Military Freefall Jumpmaster
  • Static Line Parachutist – Jumpmaster
  • Special Forces Combat Diver (SCUBA)
  • USAF Demolitions Specialist
  • Rappel Master
  • Fast Rope Master
  • Multiple Small Arms Weapons Schools
  • Multiple Offensive/Defensive Driving Schools
  • Survival, Evade, Resist and Escape (SERE) Specialist
  • US Army Sniper Training
  • FBI Counter Terrorism Training

His role in key military operations included numerous “behind enemy lines” deployments:

  • Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan (2001)
  • JTAC – inserted 3 days prior to beginning of operation
  • Flew Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) – 27 missions
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom – Iraq (2003)
  • JTAC – inserted on 4 wheeler with Green Berets 3 days prior to beginning of operation
  • Mission – SCUD missile / Search for weapons of mass destruction

Chris has been recognized with the following military honors:

  • Bronze Star Medal Recipient (2001)
  • Bronze Star Medal with Valor Recipient (2003)
  • Bronze Star Medal with Valor Recipient (2005)
  • Combat Action Medal (2005)
  • Air Medal Recipient (2003)
  • USAF Commendation Medal (3 times)

He is blessed with having returned safely from his many missions.  We are blessed that he’s a part of the ThyPower leadership.  He has incredible passion, which manifests in his training delivery and our company’s success.

If no other reason motivates you to come to a ThyPower Leadership Program, you should join us just to listen to Chris’ incredible stories of his military service with other, great Americans.

Chris lives in Wimberley, Texas which is central to his family located throughout the state, including his daughter in Abilene.

Chris Hoover

Special Operations veteran and Survival Team Leader

Chris’ primary responsibility is the development and delivery of the survival portions of our Leadership program.

Gus has nearly a quarter century of professional engineering experience.  His roles have included product line management, project management, team management, and strategic outsourcing management.  Gus’ industry background spans telecommunications products for 3M to oilfield services equipment with Baker-Hughes.  In every role, he developed engineering interface relationships with Manufacturing, Sales, and Finance.  Gus has developed a very broad base of professional experiences including participation in ISO Standards Committees, Oilfield Training, and International Business Partnerships.

In addition to his roles above, his broad professional background includes:  New Product Design; Budgeting; Cost Estimation; Team Building; Hiring; Mentoring; Training; Business Strategy; Market Analysis; Process Improvement; and Contract Management.  Like every member of our team, Gus enjoys dispensing his knowledge with an unselfish, interactive, approachable style.

Gus has 3 patents to his credit, including:

  • 6,715,560 Collet-Cone Slip System for Releasably Securing Well Tools
  • 6,467,540 Combined Sealing and Gripping Unit for Retrievable Packers
  • 8,505,294 Method and System for Control of Hydraulic Systems

Gus received his bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering from The University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1991, and his Master’s of Business Administration from The University of Houston Bauer College of Business in 2008, where he was the top of his class.

Gus and his wife were married in 1997 and have two sons.  He is an avid D-I-Y project guru with projects around the house, and with various cars and trucks.  Gus enjoys his role in his boys development through his participation as a Boy Scout Scoutmaster, Cub Scout Den Leader, building items for his kids school carnivals, and as a soccer coach.

Gus Weinig

Engineering Team Leader

Gus’ primary responsibility is the development and delivery of the engineering portions of our Leadership program.

Mark has over 25 years of management, team leader, and sales experience in corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial businesses.  His wide range of roles includes Program and Change Management, Operations and Delivery Management, and Curriculum Management.  Mark has made it his mission, and has achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction in all of his roles:  including over 15 years at IBM in technical sales and training leadership and management roles; as a self-employed financial advisor and trustee; and as a educational tutor and program manager.

He has extensive management and leadership experience in educational, financial, technical, sales, and human services environments.  Mark leverages his superior process orientation and business acumen to:

  • throughly analyze valid alternatives
  • present to stakeholders
  • handle objections
  • compare and contrast competing strategies
  • find best fit solutions
  • defend the approach that achieves the most positive outcomes, then
  • manage end-to-end delivery

Mark received his bachelor’s of industrial engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1984, and his Executive Master of Business Administration from the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Management in 2009.

Mark was married in 1987, and he and his wife have two incredible daughters.  They make their home in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia.  Mark is a men’s Bible study leader at his church, and has volunteered in his community in various roles including as a GED tutor, Special Olympics tennis instructor, and HOA board member.

Mark Rambeau

Operations Leader

Mark’s primary responsibility is maintaining the Operations of ThyPower.

Dee has produced successful results in sales and marketing roles across his entire professional career, working in his own businesses and in major corporations.  His broad range of professional skills includes developing talent, mentoring, team-building, cross-functional team leadership, enterprise software sales, strategic communications, marketing communications, proposal writing, product development, product marketing, video production, voice talent, and sales coaching and management.

Dee developed much of his credibility in public relations and media sales while working in the field, producing “live-to-tape” weekend sporting events for television.  Over a decade, he contracted with IMG, Octagon, the AVP, the FIVB, US Skiing, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC, and the USOC, including live venue announcing of volleyball in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.  Additionally, working with partner Michael Billingsley at Action Television, he produced hundreds of hours of programming for our flagship programs SKITV and GolfLife.  GolfLife airs on Fox Sports affiliates with an audience of over 100 million.

Dee completed his bachelor’s of business administration from Southern Methodist University in 1980.

He lives in Wimberley, Texas with his three boys (rescue dogs).  He volunteers his voice and personality weekdays on Wimberley Valley Radio community 94.1 FM, for the “breakfast taco” show from 7:00am to 8:00am.  Dee has always enjoyed being a competitive athlete in various sports, including football, basketball, snow skiing, and was a two-time national champion ultimate frisbee teammate.  If you losers running the ultimate frisbee Hall of Fame are paying attention, he deserves to be inducted.

Dee Rambeau

Sales and Marketing Leader

Dee’s primary responsibility is running our Sales and Marketing efforts.

Cory has demonstrated success in a wide range of high-touch, customer facing roles, including camp counseling, sales and account management, inside sales, and sales training.  His role as a camp counselor involved working with at-risk youth, operating almost exclusively in the outdoors, building self-reliance and self-confidence in young people seeking a second chance.  Their facility established the benchmark for lowest recidivism rate in the State of North Carolina.

He demonstrated his direct and inside sales, and sales training, skills at multiple companies, where he outperformed with major increases in revenue.  Cory managed a staff of inside sales team, and provided weekly training to his team across the country.  He’s a self-taught sales software expert, helping his employer reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Cory received his bachelor’s of arts from The University of North Texas in Denton in 1998.  He worked full time to pay for his college education.  He has certifications in low and high ropes courses, first aid, AED, and CPR.

He lives in San Antonio, Texas with his long-time girlfriend and their two dogs.  They share a passion for traveling.  Cory is active in his favorite sports, including golf and cycling.  No acknowledgement of his personal passions would be complete without mentioning his quarter century of participation in numerous fantasy football leagues.

Cory Johnson

Facilities Leader and Instructor

Cory’s responsibilities include keeping our facilities properly maintained and delivering key skills instruction.

“Chris was outstanding!  I’d follow him into a fire fight anytime, anywhere.”

Brian E
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