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Our Program

Put your self-reliance to the test in one of ThyPower’s Leadership Learning Camp programs.  We are dedicated to restoring self-reliance as a core trait for personal and team success in everyone.  Our programs deliver an experiential approach to developing your personnel by having them work outdoors with their hands, on individual and team activities.

ThyPower’s experiential learning program will improve your team.

Our challenge-based curricula has been developed by a team of executives, elite ex-military veterans, and professional engineers to require demonstrated success both mentally and physically.  Our Texas Hill Country camp encompasses a wide range of natural elements and challenges, including terrain, forest, water, and weather.

Using our simple and disciplined leadership learning formula, you and your team will be competitively evaluated and scored in unforeseen problem-solving activities.  You will find your limits, learn how to deal with them, and exceed your own expectations in overcoming them.

We’ve designed programs geared towards professional men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Read our testimonials, from an amazing group of our previous customers.  They’ve experienced the ThyPower transformation.

Contact us to begin yours.


Team Design & Build Challenge

Experiential Team Building

  • individual and team problem-solving activities
  • construction grade tools and materials provided
  • real-world time and material contraints encountered
  • design process methodology employed
  • activities competitively scored
  • includes recreational activities on land and in water

Wilderness Challenge

Experiential Adventure Learning

  • basic survival and first aid skills taught and evaluated
  • basic military (not boot camp) operational skills taught and evaluated
  • overnight camping and cookouts
  • obstacle course and other physical outdoor challenges
  • activities are competitively scored
  • various recreational activities on land, in water

“It was challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable.”

Brian G
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