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Leadership Learning Camps

Founders Chris Hoover and Jon Rambeau

Chris and I would like to invite you to join us at ThyPower’s Leadership Learning Camps.

We’re often asked why we started the company, an organization dedicated to development of your self-reliance.  The answer is quite simple.  Coming from two very different career backgrounds (military service and high tech products and consulting), but both being empathetically dedicated to the improvement and success of others, we believe that leadership doesn’t come from a textbook, a slide deck, or a lecture.

Leadership development seems elusive to some, yet it can be identified as clear as day when it is demonstrated.

Leadership must be earned through action.

Thus, borrowing from not only the current research on the sustained and retention benefits of the experiential learning method, but also the common sense observation that leadership is being taught to first responders every day, we knew we could build programs to help anyone.

We’ve been heartened and humbled by the caliber, frequency, and transformative results experienced by our customers.  We want to share these incredible outcomes with you and your teams… in person.

Give us an opportunity to help you transform your most vital resources.

“Overall this was an extraordinary experience, way out of my comfort zone.”

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