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Hey guys I want to talk to you for a minute about my history – where I come from, where I went, what I’ve been doing.

Starting off – back in high school. I was kind of a rebel in high school. I was a wild child… dressed in black… crazy hair… gloves with little spikes on them. I mean, I was nuts. You think you were nuts. You probably were nuts, but I was nuts, too.

I remember one time when I was 14 years old I was buying beer, and the woman at the store wouldn’t sell me the beer, so I got a baseball bat and threatened them to sell me some beer. I beat the trash cans and they would eventually sell it to me. I was mean. I had these big 14-15 inch knife blades that I would attach to my belt. I had one on each side of my body and I would walk around in public with these big knives hanging off my body. Big blue jeans, black shirts, and a mohawk. I was crazy, smoking cigarettes, partying, drinking. Man, I was a wild child. I don’t know how I survived that point in my life. But praise God, he allowed me to endure some crazy stuff.

I made pretty good grades until I pretty much quit caring around 16 or 17 and pretty much gave up. I was in an expedited program and was able to complete about a year and a half of work in the summer of my 10th grade year. I’d finished all of 11th grade, and half of 12th grade. So when I came back to school, I should have been in 11th grade, but I started out almost done with 12th and would have graduated about a year and a half early. But, since I also got my GED that summer, in all of my youth and wisdom, I decided to just go ahead and quit school. Screw the graduation crap, I’ve got my GED, I’m going to get a job and start making some money so I can party hearty.

I may have been a crazy party animal, but I had some morals, some ethics, and would work. I didn’t like to work, but I would do it anyway. Wouldn’t do it for very long, jumping from job to job every few weeks or couple of months. I did everything from working in warehouses, driving forklifts, picking and packing boxes, shipping and receiving, driving around bulldozers, bobcats. A lot of construction and welding. Worked on a ranch for a while where I tended to animals, fed them, mended fences, cleaned up brush, mowed lawns, rode tractors and trailers. All kinds of crazy stuff from about the age of 16 to 22. I got into a lot of trouble, a lot of fights, got into a lot of women and parties and everything you name it, I did it. But I picked up a lot of skills along the way.

When I turned 23 years old, I decided to make a little change in my life, and I started up a little computer business. I grew that business over the next 10 years to where I’m at now. It’s not a great big busines,s but I love it. I get to do what I want, when I want, and I make a lot of money doing it. Even after I started the business, I continued to party pretty hard, but I was more realistic about it. I would go to a bar. I didn’t keep friends for very long, because I found that when I was with friends, I would get into trouble. I didn’t get into as much trouble.

In my late 20’s I began to feel a deeper connection to God. When I as 8 years old, I was saved and baptized in a Baptist church in Texas. And I knew then what I was getting into. I knew that God was real and I believed in Jesus Christ and I accepted him as my Lord and Savior. But no 8 year-old kid really understands the difference between right and wrong. I mean he knows he’s not supposed to take the cookies out of the cookie jar, but he doesn’t understand the depravity of man. He doesn’t understand the sovereignty of God, and the deeper things of the spirit. At 27, I started to really dig in and try to get a better relationship with the Lord by studying the Bible.

By 29, I quit drinking, smoking cigarettes, partying, and got completely sober. A little time after that is when I found the special forces operations training guide. This was a google search. I had just got back from a mission trip to Haiti, feeding some families, building some houses, and I came back and wanted to get in shape. I was already working on getting my mind right, but I wanted to get my body right. I thought about it, and there’s all these guys, these sports players and wrestlers that are pretty hardcore dudes, but I thought who’s the most hardcore in the world. I mean, the most all around hardcore guy. And the best answer I could come up with was American Military Special Forces Operations guys.

All the different branches, you’ve got The Rangers, Navy SEALs, Air Force guys, every branch has a form of special forces operations. You’ve even got SWAT in the Police department. Every guy is trying to get an upper hand, and these guys are the ones doing it. These guys that are working their butts off to be a well rounded man. I determined that’s what I wanted to be, and I searched google, found the special forces training guide, got the nutrition guide to go along with it, and I studied for weeks on how to train my body to be special forces training material.

I worked really hard and ended up injuring myself and falling off the wagon a little bit fitness wise until I finally picked it up again here recently in my early 30s. This year I’m getting pretty strong again. I’m also doing a new diet, always working towards something better, getting stronger, improving myself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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