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Not many people might have had the chance to grow up the way I did. We were dirt poor, rural Kentucky, but we never knew it.

I never really understood it until I went into public school which was in 7th grade, and that is when I learned when hunting seasons were. It turns out, you don’t just hunt when the freezers were empty; you hunt when the government tells you you can. That was a pretty foreign concept to me. We hunted whenever we needed it or whenever other families in our valley needed it especially during the rainy season.

In the low parts of Kentucky, there are a few months that are really rainy, normally before spring. You know, “April showers, bring May flowers.” Well, February and March are actually the rainy season in Kentucky, and the creeks rise and you cannot get out of some places. The place where we lived, the whole valley would be shut off from civilization for a couple of months. So food got low, the only thing you could do would be to go out and hunt… and provide.

And my dad, he always stressed being able to take care of yourself no matter what, be able to provide for yourself no matter what happens. If the power was off, if you are stranded out the woods, all we would ever need was just a pocket knife, and we will be fine. And he was special forces in Vietnam, so he was pretty hardcore about certain subjects, and survival was one of them.

It was important to him when he was growing up. He provided a lot for his family by hunting and living off the land and he passed it on to us along with a lot of other skills that a lot of people do not have nowadays. When I was younger, it would be nothing for me to disappear into the woods for three or four days, whether I was hunting or fishing, or just needed to get away from people for a little while. So that is kind of unique to me.

That is why I surprised everybody when I grew up and went to college and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, which was the big city I mean, you know… way too many people. But it was through those people that I had the chance to attend ThyPower.

And when I first heard about it and got signed up, I thought it was kind of a corporate training camp, you know real sterile stuff, like trust falls and drawing diagrams, figuring out who drew what sort of thing. So I signed up because I actually liked that sort of thing and I went to Austin.

From the moment I landed, it started five of the most pivotal days of my life. And for me, the camp came in a time of transition, well a time of searching really. I was coming off of a huge failure of trying to start my own business that had looked so promising. I built this million-dollar insurance brokerage and it all came crashing down for a whole lot of reasons. And, as men, we identify so much with our career and that station in life, so I was kind of picking up the pieces… I knew that I was going to be okay. I did not know what my first step was going to be.

You ask yourself that question, “do I have what it takes,” and you go looking for an answer. I actually did not expect to find that answer at ThyPower. What I was expecting was a break from all the stress, to just do some real basic level leadership stuff and just kind of relax.

But instead it (ThyPower) set the tone and created this environment where I could find that answer.

Now, a lot of people say they perform better under pressure, but I really do. And this camp is going to put pressure on you… in a safe way, but in a way that the stakes are real and that you will get so far out of your comfort zone you do not have a choice but to grow. This is not like a seminar where they focus on one area and just to try to change your life from that.

There are so many opportunities for growth.

Take me for example with this survival camp. I didn’t pick up a whole bunch of new tricks, but there were so many areas where I was so far out of my comfort zone. ThyPower is the chance for not just for one, but multiple life-changing transformations and circumstances – which just do not exist in modern times.

This camp is like the initiation that no one ever got, and is the answer to the question, “do I have what it takes?”

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