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(personal life coach, fitness trainer)

My initial introduction to ThyPower came through a very dear friend of mine.  She introduced me and they shared an opportunity to be one of the first women to experience their survival camp.  I am always open for adventures and this sounded right up my alley.   Jon contacted me and explained with as much detail as possible what this would entail.  I immediately sensed his professionalism and deep sense of purpose his business brings.  There is a lot of synergy with this experiential learning and my own mission behind the coaching work that I do.  It was an easy Yes.   However, there was a healthy dose of anxiety around the excitement I felt.  Anticipating what the weekend would require of me mentally and physically.  I was ready to be challenged and most importantly represent women and speak on our behalf regarding the change and empowerment this experience could bring forth.

Jon is an excellent leader and it shows in his ability to genuinely connect and maintain a calm presence while managing the experience.   His team was top notch with an excellent balance of fun, humor, and seriousness to every experience.  I felt a high level of leadership and standards from the team.

I am 47 and a single mom, I have been divorced and raising my two boys pretty much on my own for the last 9 years, which has challenged me in ways I never imagined, but ultimately has given me strength and confidence that I would not have gained without the pain.  I am Career + Life coach as well as a fitness enthusiast, Pilates instructor and believe whole heartedly in staying physically active and self-aware.  Mind Body & Spirit – a true integrated approach to creating a life with intention.  In some respects, I felt I was well prepared for this experience and also made me ever more grateful for the choices I make to stay healthy.   I can honestly say, ThyPower’s experience brought a new level of challenges to my mind, body, and spirit which I have since reflected upon and have been able to share with my boys and clients.

You quickly realize being removed from our technology driven life and much of our modern conveniences, it strips away the distractions that keep us from being fully connected.

A few of the significant moments from that weekend have offered me powerful metaphors that beautifully apply to how we “survive”.  Paying special attention to the gap between what the mind is saying and what the body is feeling.

One experience in particular, in the water, was not only terrifying, but takes a large dose of mental strength to counteract what the body is struggling against.  The very thing you want to resist is what you must surrender to; In order to survive.  You must remain calm.  This is so relevant to our daily lives – As a woman managing a household, parenting and running a small business it is easy to get swept up in these demands and lose a sense of calm, presence, and ultimately access to our higher more creative, problem solving selves!

There was symbolism throughout the weekend; in the paint ball exercises – working with your partners and the thrill of running toward danger for a greater purpose, spending the night in the dark wilderness resting in the peace knowing all you need to do is trust in nature – trust you are OK.   These are just a few of the takeaways that the survival weekend provides.

It has continued to offer memories and reflection, empowerment, and renewed trust in self.  More and more research is happening around Neuroplascity, the brains ability to be “re-wired” – Grow and adapt.  I believe whole heartedly experiences like ThyPower – stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the most profound ways one can bring about change.  Overall this was an extraordinary experience; that will take you out of your comfort zone push your limiting beliefs and find inner strength.  This is the fulfillment of rich learning that otherwise would not happen in a few short days.

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