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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost? 2016-12-23T02:18:51+00:00

Our fees are comparable to what your company spends on off-sites, events, leadership conferences, retreats, or existing training curricula.  We can tailor our packages to your budget, schedule, and duration constraints.  We’re confident we can work out an acceptable proposal.  Please contact us directly.

Who are your competitors? 2016-12-23T02:18:20+00:00

We don’t have any competitors offering our complete program.  There is a plethora of “off-site” training or professional development options available to you.  Often, these locations are only that… a place where the agenda and its execution is up to your organization – the same tired, old idea of bringing your regular classroom curriculum and delivering a barrage of Powerpoints at an off-site location… and somehow expecting different (insanity) results.  Others include a location and the usual team building offerings, such as trust falls, simulated classroom exercises, and possibly a ropes course.

Then, there are sales reward trips, which mandate a daily meeting for tax write-offs, and the transformative results they yield.  Likewise, there are military-style camps, fitness camps, and spiritual camps.  We haven’t seen any program designed with ThyPower’s commitment to self-reliance through focus, challenge, eliminated distractions, and confidence building.

OK… I buy into the approach. Where does my company find candidates? 2016-12-23T02:17:50+00:00

Throughout your company.

  • Salespeople who need to believe in themselves
  • Sales teams that need to work together
  • Marketing teams that need to support Sales
  • Startup companies
  • High potential new hires
  • Key performers identified for management leadership development
  • Management teams needing time for focus, to think freely
  • Geographically-disparate teams that rarely have a chance to get to know one another
  • Company’s seeking a path to use HR benefit credits for wellness
  • Employees seeking a career transition
Have you seen significant breakthroughs? 2016-12-23T02:16:01+00:00

Please read our testimonials. Our customers have eloquently and powerfully expressed how they were moved, transformed, and elevated.

Is it all-inclusive? 2016-12-23T02:15:30+00:00

Yes. All aspects of airport transfers, food, accommodations, gear, instruction, and safety are carefully prepared and provided. You only need to provide transportation to and from Austin’s Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA).

Are there any professions or occupational categories that yield better candidates? 2016-12-23T02:15:00+00:00

Again…no. We believe that work of any type has become distracted and repetitive. It is increasingly difficult for internal teams, whether sales, product development, management, or even executives to find time to step away and focus on intense, individual and team challenges that build camaraderie, confidence, and self-reliance.

Is there an ideal age group? 2016-12-23T02:14:31+00:00

No. The lessons and outcomes can be applied to anyone, at any age, and at any stage of their career.

Is this program designed for men or women? 2016-12-23T02:26:06+00:00

Both. We’ve had both men and women participate in our program with great success. Read Amy’s testimonial for a woman’s perspective.

Is a high level of fitness required? 2016-12-23T02:13:26+00:00

No. Merely an open mind. We have hosted customers from age 27 to 59, in states of fitness ranging from sedentary to triathletes. While the curriculum can be challenging physically, it’s not designed as a military training program. The challenges are as mental as they are physical, as all of them are self modulated.

Why are your programs offered as a weekday program instead of weekend? 2016-12-23T02:12:55+00:00

We believe many of the challenges of complacency and dependency exist in the workplace. Our alumni testify to the positive outcomes for both personal and professional life. We believe that corporations will benefit greatly from the benefits derived from their employees attendance at ThyPower. Our schedule is designed to enable organizations to send their teams during a workweek, when they can be released from a busy, hectic, and largely sedentary office life. This approach reduces conflict with their family life, which we believe is consistent with their self improvement mission.

Is this program only offered in the Hill Country of Texas? 2016-12-23T02:09:17+00:00

For the time being, yes. It’s where we live and believe it is a perfect location for our programs, due to our weather, outdoor location and terrain to hold our curriculum. We are evaluating other possible locations for our programs, and will expand to other areas of the country based upon demand.

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