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Focus challenges

Being distracted every few minutes… or seconds…

…”headline news item, a tragic”  …“dream until your dreams come true”  …”????”  …”Hey Bob, got a sec”  …ring, ring, ring “where’s my report?”  …”down boy”  …popup “your account balance is now below”

CANNOT BE GOOD (yes, I’m yelling).

This nonsense seems biologically incompatible with optimal performance.  Do we really need a research project to make this point?

If you are skeptical of this fact, consider the mandatory, momentary focus of a heart surgeon, an airline pilot on final approach, or an Olympic downhill skier.  Is your job any different?  Perhaps you can function with distractions, but is it optimal?

Is there a qualitative difference in judgment observed when people react (eg. on impulse) to a situation, versus when those same people pause to consider other options, collect more information, even discuss the situation with teammates?  In essence, has the quality of our judgment been impaired by the demands of our daily cadence asking for meaningful feedback in seconds?

You may be feeling the pang of “been there, done that” right now.

Our contention is that a life of impulsive, unfiltered self exhibition, and continuous distraction is crushing your free will.

Free will is the essence of being human.

ThyPower creates an environment for optimal learning, without noise, which permits 100% of the transformative experience to be absorbed.

“This was my favorite, the epitome of team work and trust.”

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