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Healthy physical activity does not have to be strenuous and intense.  It’s an option, and it can be healthy in modest doses.  Most of the healthiest, longest living people were not athletes, though many of them maintained a regular, physical activity regimen.

Elimination of what were once common daily activities, such as walking to the store, walking up stairs, maintaining household products, interacting with animals, among many others have been substituted with push of a button leisure.

Many of us grew up enjoying basic, recreationally healthy activities, such as:  climbing trees, riding bikes, playing in a stream, building a fort, walking through the woods, camping, fishing, among others.  Many of us have deep, fond memories associated with those times.

All of these activities were outdoors.

Being outdoors is inspiring, liberating, and energizing.  In fact, there is plenty of research which supports the physical and psychological health benefits of outdoor activities.

More importantly, research supports outdoor physical activity as better than indoor physical activity, including revitalization, increased energy and, positive engagement, together with decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression.

“We all felt honored to be given so much of your time and attention, and felt it was a true privilege to be there with you all.”

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