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How simple… an object in orbit around another.  How profound, as well.

This simple form of interaction can be used to explain:

  • electrons surrounding the nucleus of an element;
  • planetary bodies and their moon(s);
  • universal forces of cosmos, such as the small and large nuclear force;
  • children’s paths around their parents;
  • variables impacting a purposeful life;
  • among many others

The trajectory of our daily existence is predictably unpredictable.  We’re bombarded by dynamic change from every direction, and in every dimension of our daily lives… culturally… politically… financially… sensory… spiritually.  With the continuous change surrounding us, how does anyone stay on track for a meaningful, purposeful life?

Perhaps this chaotic environment enables you to direct your daily actions toward a purpose.  Maybe it forces you live your life (happily?) flowing in a random stream of consciousness.  Science has nullified the multi-tasking myth, and whether you can admit it to yourself or not, the continuous change and the attention deficit created by the flurry of tasks demanding instant response is draining your life energy.

ThyPower was born to give you an opportunity to shut off that noise… to focus again… and to consciously grow.

To achieve this lofty goal requires us to get you outside… literally.  Next, we separate you from your technology addiction.  No detox is possible while you’re still consuming.  Then, we safely push you far beyond your comfort zone.

Our simple message to expect the unexpected will challenge you to “deal with it” in real time, on your own… and on your teams.  This approach should seem as logical as it may seem daunting.

From our founding, we’ve acknowledged a unique path forward for every individual.  To presume that any human being other than you is capable of directing your path is as flawed and vast as the universe of outdated classroom training programs, ineffective off-site retreats, and self-help books.

To achieve personal and professional growth, we don’t point you to an end result.  You’re in charge of you 24×7.

You will discover your own transformative insights during and after our high-touch, high-challenge programs.

We empower you to find it… and own it.

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