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Return on Investment

Some of you may know that our sense of smell is capable of establishing our strongest and longest term memories.  If you’ve never heard this before, gut check this by simply thinking about one of your favorite scents, such as a pumpkin pie in the oven.  Can you perceive that aroma?

When people wonder about our experiential learning return on investment, our answer is very simple.  Listen to what our customers have to say.  The testimonials and ratings we have collected are beyond amazing.  We’ve hosted a wide range of customers (ages 27 to 59), with truly incredible backstories.  They’ve been gracious enough to write very personal accounts of their lives.  We selected a handful of their personal stories to share with you.  We feel blessed to have met and worked with them, and we’re honored that we’ve been able to deliver a positive experience to them.

We have used the netPromoter method of customer satisfaction scoring from the founding of our company.  We want to continually measure our performance levels for improvement, maintain an open dialog with our customers, and evaluate a wide range of our activities for their efficacy.  Our average netPromoter score is 9.1 across all of our leadership activities.

Just imagine the positive impact to your organization if:

  • you knew which of your employees thrived under pressure
  • your new hires started with a sense of direction and purpose
  • your high performers were challenged beyond their limits
  • your sales teams were energized to work harder and better together
  • your training was executed without distractions (i.e.. cell phones, email, office hallway, etc)

While the research is crystal clear on the sustained impact from experiential learning, we are proud of our customers and their personal journeys before and after attending ThyPower.

“Amazing velocity in the way you guys can take folks from novice, to functional and confident.”

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