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Scouting for Adults

One of our customers said that before his time at ThyPower, his outdoor experience was walking to and from the office and his car.  We literally and metaphorically immerse you in our outdoors learning process.

Would it surprise you to know that he was the most successful camper we had that week?

He overcame his hyper-anxiety about the potential consequences of failure by over-achieving.  Predictable from our point of view.  Utterly transforming from his.

Other than during adverse weather conditions, how do you feel when you walk out of your office for a lunch break, your drive home, or for a moment alone?

How do you feel when you enjoy a walk in the park, sit outside in your back yard, or open your sunroof?

Chances are, you’re still actively thinking about a very important, matter.  Yet, that time outside can be cathartic.  Some people find their greatest problem-solving clarity in these situations.


Why wouldn’t you want more of that?

There are many ways to answer this question, but have you thought about the evolutionary angle?  For thousands of years, we humans lived outdoors.  Indoors was just a shelter from the elements and animals.

For thousands of years, human beings stared into the night sky, getting familiar with the constellations, letting their night senses take over for a while.

At ThyPower, it’s just one of the reasons why we spend time around the campfire.

Our outdoor camp is the canvas for your transformation.

“Excellent location and space to work in… the woods, the river, the buildings, and obstacle courses.”

Brian E
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