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The Right Classroom

At ThyPower, we developed our outdoor classroom leadership program curricula from a Self-Reliance frame of reference, which is aligned with the known benefits from both research and practical results from the experiential method.  We also drew from our past experiences in military service, scouting, outdoor adventures and, quite frankly, from our collective past as active, athletic, outdoor, fun-loving kids.

We openly admit that most of our Corporate education delivery background has been in providing and receiving training and teaching via the standard conference room, whiteboard, and flipchart – aka passive learning – mode.  We’ll admit that there’s still a place for some traditional classroom learning.

If someone needs to learn a new software product.  Got it.

  • Sit down
  • Work some exercises
  • Take some notes (hopefully)
  • Take a break
  • Rinse / Repeat

However, for leadership development, problem-solving, and team building, the old model should be re-examined.

Participation in too many boondoggle off-site meetings and retreats, using significant Corporate resources, and seeing no real return on investment has been part of our catalyst for starting ThyPower.

We spent over $10,000 per person for some of our Corporate events, and the few memorable take-aways had nothing to do with the content.  What a waste for everyone involved.  Some people would sweat their presentation prep for days, killing their pre-event productivity.  Others would show up and wing it.  We’re not sure who benefitted.

Have any of you returned from your events or training classes wondering if you could have simply read the book or deck notes?  Is it possible, just as in your own experience reading a novel, that you don’t need or want someone else to tell or show you how to interpret it?  Could your training experience be richer if you did it alone, or when the stimulus surrounding the training was actually conducive to learning?

After all, you certainly needed another set of hands to build that toothpick tower, right?

The obvious answer to these questions is that there is a better way.

Having witnessed the efficacy and readiness of our military veterans, having been thoroughly impressed by the caliber of our young Eagle Scouts, and having been the recipient and beneficiary of paramedic first responders, some groups of people are obviously receiving tremendous training.

If you want to challenge your current and future leaders, to get them ready for the real ballgame of business, you want to put them into unpredictable situations, under duress, where they can demonstrate spontaneous leadership to themselves and others.

You can experience a different caliber of “break out” experience with breakthrough learning.

At ThyPower, our premise is very simple.  Let the nature of the desired training outcome be defined in the right classroom.

“There was thorough briefings and constant reminders on following the safety rules.”

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