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Challenge Mind & Body

We’ve all heard of muscle memory.

Obviously, we establish and reinforce millions of neurons during physical activities.  We’ve heard the phrase, “you never forget how to ride a bike”.  It’s very true.  Think about that for a moment.  An activity we may rarely do after our childhood is still strongly resident decades later.

Most of us don’t realize how complex the neural patterns that form in our brain are.  We’re also not conscious of how strong the creation of new neural connections are to our emotions.  Many of our physical activity learnings take place when an activity is emotionally charged… as kids with our parents helping us, during competitive sports, or when we’re doing an activity we thoroughly enjoy.

Leading research into neuroplasticity reinforces that we can, in fact, teach old dogs (some of us) new tricks.

The science is, once again, very clear on why physical activity enhances learning.  Physical activity raises your heart rate, and motion not only induces retrieval of existing neurons, but variations in experiences generate new neural connections.  The part of the learning process that most people simply don’t realize is occurring is the emotional part.  And, it is the emotional part that elevates the receptivity to the learning and expands absorption of the experience.

Modern educators are moving to adapt their curricula to support instruction aimed at students using multiple methods of instruction and multiple intelligences.  Finally, while not everyone is a dominant kinesthetic (“hands on”, and a method heavily leveraged in Montessori schools) learner, everyone can benefit from kinesthetic techniques in their training.

Experiential learning takes full advantage of these obvious facts.  Everything we do at ThyPower has a physical component, for a purpose.

At ThyPower, we too are parents, and we’ve witnessed the powerful transformation in our children’s lives through use of these techniques.  In order to maximize your experience, we’ve built our program to ensure that most (if not all) of the problem-solving challenges you face will be new experiences… maximizing the expansion of your brain.

Multiple Intelligences

Neuroplasticity defined

Learning styles

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