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Leadership Development

The typical corporate executive or manager (like many of us at ThyPower) has had numerous training classes in the traditional method.  Often the most interactive portion of the course would be a “breakout” group.  Think of the irony of the term itself.  We’re going to break out… from what, a prison cell classroom with the doors closed, the lights dimmed, with cold coffee?  How are they to demonstrate growth?

Very few of us have done outdoor training beyond a few trust falls and possible ropes courses.

Now, imagine the life of a first responder, such as:  Firefighter, Police Officer, Paramedic, National Guard, etc.

How are they trained for competency?  Universally, they are trained repeatedly in the outdoors, physically involved with tools and techniques, in simulated or real disaster situations.


  • because we expect them to be ready for action when the situation is difficult
  • because it is the best way to prepare them to deal with those difficult situations

Should your professional leadership development borrow from their example.


Retention is more vital than ever… both retaining your employees, and your employees retaining their learning.

Your human resources need to be retained, not just for the obvious financial cost of turnover, recruiting, retraining, and lost productivity.  We understand that the challenge of creating a winning culture starts very locally… with your existing leadership.  We also know that today’s workforce wants… demands much more than just a paycheck.  They are restless.  They want to make a real, lasting contribution to something they consider meaningful.

Experiential programs such as ours enhance retention, by involving more physical activity, with more emotional engagement, and with more satisfaction.

At ThyPower, we can be the backbone of your retention efforts… locally, strategically.

“Overall, the program was an educational and inspiring experience.  Thanks for making me a better person.”

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