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Whether properly attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus or not, the saying “Change is the only Constant,” has clearly stood the test of time.

Another famous quote, “the best way to predict your future is to create it,” is usually attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

Despite the slower pace of news travel, there’s no doubt that Lincoln lived in a time of momentous change.  The consequential events of his lifetime, in addition to his deep faith, inspired some of the greatest writings and speeches in American history.  The magnitude of his time’s “problem-solving” was nothing less than:  (1) winning a war; (2) ending slavery; and (3) preserving liberty for all.

If we follow Lincoln’s lead, the way to persevere and produce solutions during such times is clear:

  • develop strong self-reliance traits
  • be grounded in your values
  • be (or support) a leader of deep character
  • aim high to achieve things greater than self
  • work together on common goals, set aside irreconcilable items

Many of us don’t reflect on the stress of change on our ancestors, nor do we appreciate the significance of the changes they dealt with.  Yet, it is precisely in the context of us living in an era of consequential change that we were motivated to found ThyPower.

Is your next training class going to help you with this?  If so, take it.  If not, consider that we have focused our entire mission on:

Restoring American Self-Reliance in our customers through transformative experiential leadership learning

We believe that developing every individual’s self-reliance drives the other keys to perseverance.  Self-Reliance is the key to moving someone from a life of dependence to one of independence.  And self-reliance is a trait which can be taught and learned, regardless of one’s station in life.  The change in empowerment, for the individual (and their team) who knows they are more self-reliant, is remarkable.

How can you effect change?  Unless you can create the future (and some of you can), your best option is to prepare to deal with it.

Our leadership programs place you into unpredictable situations where self-reliance, character, teamwork, and leadership are challenged.  We are confident, given the high satisfaction ratings from our customers and their testimonies of transformation, that our programs can positively impact you and your team’s self-reliance abilities.

Learn how to cope with change by enhancing your ability to thrive during the unexpected.

“Just entering the land so far outside of the city was a delightful weight off my back.  The air is cleaner, and it is so much quieter!  From the first day, I began to grow and enhance skills that would be necessary for surviving outside the system.”

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