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We believe that everyone can propel themselves forward.  What separates those who do from those who don’t… commitment.

We’d like to ask… have you considered changing your approach to experiential leadership development and your personnel development plans?  On a personal basis, answer the question, “is your career and life trajectory moving in a forward, positive, empowered direction?”

leadership-logo-outdoorThyPower’s customer responses to this question are varied.  Some have been content, stable, and growing, while others have been at critical inflection points in their life, searching for answers.  While their reasons may have been varied, from stable to searching, their desire for self-improvement and adventure was universal.

As the world moves at an accelerating pace all around, most of us understand the need to constantly improve ourselves.  Growth is core to survival in nature.  Complacency can be a seen as a transition at the precipice of a decline.

Our customers, as unique as any group, shared a common goal… the search for more out of life.  Our logo symbolizes this powerful human message.

A commitment (Sword) to your empowered (Bolt) life (Water Drop).

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