You are what you eat (read, watch, listen to, …)

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Question:  What is only 2% of an adult’s body weight, but consumes 20% of its energy? Answer:   Your brain Given its considerable energy consumption, you’d think (haha) most of us would use it well.  Many of us don’t.  Instead, we waste it, doze off with it, ignore it, punish it, lie to it, and [...]

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You got this… right?

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Answer this… What is your company’s most Vital Asset?  People… right? Are you sure you mean it?  If you do, then you’ve got a complete strategy for every one of them… right? Before you hired them, you: set up a screening process based on the priorities for the role, and... rigorously posted to the job boards, recruited, [...]

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Groupthink – Part 2

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In Part 1 of Groupthink, the message was about the dichotomy of our ease of Instant data access and it's juxtaposition to the concurrent ignorance of our society.  We often confuse data availability with the higher order thinking needed to turn it into real knowledge. My belief is that groupthink is the root cause of this amazing societal [...]

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Groupthink – Part 1

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Ever wonder where original thought has gone? Henri Matisse once said, “To look at something as though we had never seen it before requires great courage."  Unfortunately, he's right. Groupthink… one on-line dictionary defines it as “conformity to group values and ethics."  It also adds… “self-deception and forced manufacture of consent.” Wikipedia’s description of groupthink [...]

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Trust. It's a hot topic.  Seemingly difficult and time-consuming to build; it has the potential to be wiped out in an instant.  Much like a person's reputation and credibility, it requires an enormous amount of effort to grow it, and sometimes to protect it. At ThyPower, we view trust in a more positive and traditional context.  Trust should not [...]

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Pie Chart

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THE PIE CHART OF DAILY LIFE My wife and I knew that Larry Baker (see previous post for "who is Larry") had a point... about the lack of personal control in life.  Many, perhaps most of our daily choices and decisions are heavily influenced, or even dictated by circumstances. For instance, we all need to sleep, [...]

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Free Will

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Do you think it's possible that my humble blog posting could help you make a small, but significant change in your life?  Perhaps. I had an Anthropology teacher in High School named Larry Baker, and I can assure you that what I'm about to say about him was experienced by many of his students.  I [...]

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Ever wonder why so many people find it hard to do the right thing? There’s actually a simple answer, but it’s not an answer many people seem to want to hear. Could be that it strikes a little too close to home. Afterall, none of us wants to admit that [...]

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