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ThyPower is dedicated to restoring  your  Self-Reliance.

Our company’s founding is based on the premise that self-reliance is a uniquely defining American trait.  It’s in our DNA.  And, restoring self-reliance is a foundational pre-requisite for people choosing to live life as free, empowered human beings.

America’s founding through human migrations from across the world, and across millennia, demonstrated that self-reliance was a crucial trait for survival and success.  Self-Reliance, like many of our character building traits, must be taught and reinforced on a regular basis, or our grasp and appreciation for its essential qualities can be lost.

Restoring Self-Reliance

Our daily lives are filled with seemingly unending challenges to… our time, our beliefs, our character, and our needs.  The chaos of constant change in our external environment leaves many of us feeling out of control, helpless to cope with it all, and exhausted.  The “noise” interferes with our ability to focus.

The struggle is real.  It seems the more digital and automated we become, the less human we become.  Many of us need to find an escape, where we ground ourselves in reality.  Sometimes, our chosen escape manifests itself in an unhealthy behavior or bad habit.  At ThyPower, we believe we can help anyone appreciate spending more time grounded, living a better balance as an empathetic, self-aware, moral and spiritually driven human.

In the words of the late Stephen Covey, author of the landmark book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” we must master ourselves before we can fully contribute to others.  The wisdom in this should be obvious.

Where do people go to master themselves?

The traditional avenues for self-mastery are plentiful, from spiritual to academic.  To ensure success in a personal improvement mission, we need to step away from our routine, digitized, daily grind… long enough to gain clarity.

Outdoor Leadership Learning Camps


in the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country
(between Austin and San Antonio),
we provide Leadership Challenges
to Your Mind, Body, and Human Spirit.

People who have participated in our experiential curricula are discovering, unmasking, and connecting to themselves and others in powerful ways.  Their personal and professional takeaways have been deep, everlasting, and elevating.

We contend that an elevated human is a better spouse, parent, friend, neighbor, citizen, and teammate.

Read on.  Join us.

Ever wonder

“This was a fantastic experience.  I find myself wanting more.”

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